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The Case for On Demand Transit

Steer On Demand was created to challenge the static fixed-route transportation model and accelerate the general public's switch over to environmentally friendly transportation through demand responsive service.

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    Higher Ridership

    On demand model attracts more riders due to increased flexibility and better accessible to service.

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    Improve Cost Efficiency

    Reduce long term service costs through operational efficiencies by combining On Demand service.

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    Increase Passenger Satisfaction

    As a result of more direct travel, reduced wait times, and ease of trip planning, passengers experience more seamless, efficient, and accessible travel.

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    Lower Carbon Emission

    Reduce Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions per rider by supporting the shift away from personal vehicle and through the use of our electric vehicle fleet.

On Demand Solutions That Meet Your Needs

Choose from our wide range of service models to solve your transit challenges.

On Demand and Scheduled

Providing door-to-door transportation services to improve passenger mobility.

Specialized Transportation

Accessible transportation services to meet the needs of differently abled passengers.

Non Emergency Medical Transportation

Providing home-to-hub transportation services for passengers to access non-emergency medical services, like medical appointments.

First and Last Mile

Providing home-to-hub transportation to increase access and create better connectivity.

Employee Commute Transportation

Reliable and safe transportation solution for businesses and their employees.

Low Emission Vehicle Fleet Management

Have access to a fleet of over 300 electric vehicles and additional services, including proactive cleaning, vehicle maintenance, insurance coverage, vehicle pick-up and drop-off and roadside assistance.

Driver Fleet Management

Utilizing driver network of over 20,000 to provide recruitment, robust screening, training and ongoing management of drivers.


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    Low-Emission Vehicle Fleet

    We have 300+ electric and hybrid vehicles, including charging solutions.

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    Driver Fleet Management

    Access a network of 20,000+ driver partners, who undergo robust screening process and are well-trained to provide exceptional passenger experience.

  • Messaing and call support

    24/7 Support

    Access around-the-clock customer support - including roadside assistance, incident management, vehicle maintenance and regular reporting.

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Building Better Transit Solution Together

Our team of transportation experts will work tirelessly to provide an end-to-end solution that meet your needs and to achieve your desired outcomes.

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